Advanced Industrial Machine Design

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Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Designs

At HLM, we use cutting-edge technologies: i) lastest CAD software programs and ii) most updated equipments. Our engineers are trainned at least 6 months before getting involved in a real project.

Machine Repairs, Consulting

HLM Machine Repairs and Consulting has over 10 years of industry experience, and take pride on our outstanding machine repair services that we offer. We have a strong focus on customer satisfaction, and all our machine and industrial repair work and parts are guaranteed.

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HumanLikeMachines Pte Ltd (HLM) is a Singaporean owned and managed Machine Design, Automation, Repair consulting firm, providing integrated online CAD solutions to industries throughout Asia-Pacific Region. Our team of highly qualified and experienced engineering consultants provide our clients with simple yet comprehensive integrated computer aided designs that foster higher stakeholder engagement, and improve business efficiences.

We specialise in customised industrial equipments and PLC Systems that comply with State legislation in APAC.

We offer more than developments and consulting. Our long-term relationships with client helps us grow more from simple garage consulting firm to one of APAC’s top design consultancy firm.


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