Month: January 2021

What are Some of the Creative Applications of Waterjet Cutting Systems?

Did it ever cross your mind that water, as gentle and delicate that they are, can be made to cut through solid materials like thick slabs of steel? Or how would you digest this one, a bone surgery where the main star is water cutting through the bone itself? 

A strong jet of water, with a minimum pressure of 50,000 PSI, can easily become a powerful slicing and cutting tool that you can use in a sundry of applications. You can also use a waterjet system to have perfectly done perforations on material or for projects that will have you drilling some holes. 

But the most important part about it is that even expert minds from various industries agree with us in saying that the waterjet system is way more efficient when placed alongside other heat-based cutting techniques such as plasma and laser cutters.  

laser technology

This innovative material cutting method makes use of a high-pressure stream of water to cut or slice through a wide spectrum of materials, including solid metals. If you will add abrasive particles to the water, you can further intensify its cutting power and at the same time also reduce cutting process time.  

Origin of Waterjet System

Many of us think that waterjet cutting is a relatively new technology, but the truth is this method has been in use way back since the 1970s. During those days, a waterjet system of cutting is usually applied to cutting wood-fiber tubes. 

Immediately after the waterjet method of cutting was invented and introduced to the public, it soon became the material cutting method of choice of many industries primarily because it employs a cold-cutting process. It did not take a long while before it began to displace other traditional machining and cutting methods.  

Advantages of Waterjet System

There is a good reason why the waterjet method of cutting gained wide acceptance and use in a wide range of industries. Here are some of the highlight advantages that can be enjoyed by employing this method of material cutting. 

  • It does not produce dust. 
  • It does not produce or release noxious gases.
  • You can slow down the cutting process or completely put a stop on it in between process without running the risk of inducing damage to the material. 
  • It is qualified as an isothermal. 
  • You can operate it at any point in the material. 

Applications of Waterjet in Contemporary Industry

Various industries around the globe have integrated into their cutting operations the use of waterjet cutting technology. Like for instance, the aerospace industry which is known for its sophisticated operations utilizes waterjet technology not just for their material cutting concerns but also for shaping and reaming intricate aerospace components. 

The mining industry is also reaping the benefits of this technology. Strong jets of water are being taken advantage of to drill and cut through big boulders of rock in hard-rock mines.

Aside from this, the waterjet technique has also found its way into coal mines. Industry experts vouch that this material cutting technique is not just an effective approach but it is very cost-efficient, too. Hence, the wide-scale use of this revolutionary material cutting method in many different industries comes as no surprise. 

Waterjet cutting technology is also practically used to cut and slice through meats, fruits, vegetables, and other consumable items such as cakes and pieces of bread, in the most hygienic fashion. 

With the mere fact that there is a complete absence of “mechanical” contact, the odds of contamination is mitigated here. (The jet of water used in this system is so fine and thin, yet intensive enough to cut through any material sans the risk of getting the material wet or damp.)

Wrapping Up!

There are a handful of reputable companies all over the country that offer competitive prices in the cutting services they offer. Most of which offer water jets as well. You can partner up with these firms to address your material cutting and slicing concerns that involve brass, aluminum, steel, cork, marble, plastics, granite, titanium, concrete, and many more.  

Running A Campaign with Marketing Agency Melbourne

A digital marketing agency can assist you in skyrocketing the return on investment of your marketing project without the need to invest lots of money or time to set up an in-house group. Here, we will discuss what electronic advertising agencies do– mainly, what types of services you could expect them to manage for you with a comprehensive description of every one.

Yet first, here is how to run an effective marketing campaign.

Marketing Agency Melbourne: Ways to Run a Campaign

Recognize your Customer’s Habits

Prior to operating a successful advertising and marketing project, you require to have an in-depth understanding of your consumer’s habits. Many advertising and messages end up seeming familiar because most businesses do not take the time to recognize their consumers and the tales behind their troubles.

Create Procedures

Scaling anything calls for correct paperwork of processes, systems, and operations to complete a detailed job. That indicates having an organized approach to comply with when you generate a post, run social media site promotions or paid ads, run a PR campaign, and so forth.

Collect the Proper Tools

Inbound advertising projects need a range of tools from beginning to end. For instance, you may need email marketing tools, analytics tools, interaction tools like Slack, and extra. These devices help achieve your essential jobs and reach your goals extra efficiently.

Be Steady

One of the essential skills in terms of incoming marketing is patience. Commonly, noticeable results go in there after a few months. Several of the most successful firms have been continually putting in initiative throughout the years.

Generate Premium Quality Content

It is easy to compose a random post, but can you write quality web content that your target market loves and needs to review? That is what divides decent blogs from genuinely wonderful ones.

Pull from Experience

Finally, you ought to make sure that you have experience creating and running some inbound advertising projects.

Striking all these points takes some time. It is not easy to continually release premium content or well-founded paper procedures that keep your systems on track.

Unless you are committed to finding out everything you need to understand, employing a company is a terrific way to stay clear of the cost (of time as well as cash, and sleep-deprived evenings!) included with obtaining and even your team up to speed. Rather than getting averted with your brand name’s advertising, you could be spending all this time around on other vital things you have to do in the company.

If you work with a marketing agency Melbourne, you will get a team of specialists who benefit you every month, so you will not have to worry about assembling your group. You will have even more individuals helping you to obtain outcomes, which will accelerate your results.

Steps to A Proactive Machinery Maintenance

Heavy Machinery is one of the costliest construction equipment you possess. It is additionally the costliest to fix or replace. Being aggressive in your heavy tool maintenance schedule helps prevent expensive downtime. Regular upkeep helps predict when failure is likely to occur, permitting you to discover a remedy to problems before they happen.

Machinery Maintenance: Straightforward Actions to Make Best Use of Heavy Equipment Life

Dedicate to a Preventive Upkeep Program

Preventive Maintenance (PM) assists expect adjustment and deterioration. Restorative actions are continuously taken to make sure dependability and efficiency. PM involves regular, systematic evaluations, modification, and replacement of components and performance screening and assessment. An effective precautionary maintenance program expands construction equipment life and minimizes unscheduled downtime brought on by tool breakdown.

Preventive upkeep is more than regular maintenance like lubricating as well as altering and filters. A proper precautionary maintenance (PM) program is extensive. It is a deliberate strategy to tools administration from the moment tools are bought till the end of their useful life.

Get to Know your Machine

Comprehensive product knowledge is vital when it pertains to applying for an effective preventive upkeep program. Frequently, gaining this crucial information is as straightforward as locating it in the equipment’s equipment handbook that has been researched and documented to separate problems and suggest appropriate preventative upkeep.

Taking the time to check out and comprehend the equipment handbook should be a core principle in a PM plan. Handbooks will undoubtedly suggest the advisable service intervals for each device component, what servicing products to utilize, and the acceptable operating problems for the tools.

Proprietor’s guidebooks are also a fantastic source of repairing details. Manuals suggest maintenance actions and methods, but they typically have a bullet-point breakdown or flow diagram of what to do during breakdowns.

Train Your Workers

Well-informed equipment drivers are much more efficient and cause much less wear on equipment than inexperienced employees. Experienced drivers are also going to be safer to themselves and others working close by. Effectively trained drivers will undoubtedly be extra respectful of their devices and most likely to care for them in the past, during, and after building and construction responsibilities. That is most likely to conserve you cash in repairs and replacement.

Operator training ought to be developed into your preventative maintenance program. Operators need to understand more than just exactly how to start as well as run their machinery. They require to be aware of what regimen, day-to-day upkeep tasks are called for and how to execute them consistently.


Driver training can consist of a testimonial of the driver’s handbook, a demo of the systems, and all controls. Testing can be a part of the movement to ensure operators have acquired the right abilities, including pre-and post-operation upkeep jobs.

Additionally, operators’ lists are valuable tools, so small but crucial maintenance actions are done and not neglected.


Maintaining comprehensive solution documents is a vital element in your preventive maintenance plan. It is impossible to psychologically keep an eye on what sort of maintenance has been done on your equipment, and that consists of when upkeep was done as well as when it requires to be done again.

Documented service documents or your machinery maintenance allow you to keep a precise picture of a particular equipment’s history. Routine and normal interval servicing must be written in a pamphlet held in your upkeep facility or even in the equipment itself. This ought to include the day, what kind of maintenance was executed, what parts were changed when the next regular servicing is required, and notations regarding peculiarities of any sort or abnormalities observed.