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Swim Spa for Sale Versus Traditional Pool: Are They Any Different from Traditional Pools?

With the increasing popularity of swim spa for sale, homemakers who are planning to buy themselves their very own swim spa unit are faced with a dilemma, should they buy a swim spa or should they stick to installing traditional swimming pool instead? Upon realizing that both outdoor water features have their own individual perks, it now becomes a tough call for them to decide which among the two options they should choose. 

These outdoor water features come with their own respective benefits and drawbacks. If we want to know which among these two options is more viable than the other, we need to start from here and later on draw our conclusion. Below are some of the major key advantages and disadvantages of pools and swim spas that you need to look into. 

How Big Is Your Backyard?

The sheer size of your outdoor space or of your backyard is a major determining factor in the kind of outdoor water feature that you should buy. With everything now getting smaller and more compact, chances are high that there might be no more room for traditional swimming pools in some backyards. This may leave us without much of a choice but to have a swim spa instead, as it may be the only one that can fit. 

If you happen to have an expansive and spacious outdoor living space, you may want to consider what other outdoor activities you’d like to have in the future. This way you can plan ahead and make provisions for it after you have made up your mind on what to install first. 

Verdict: If what you have is just a small backyard, it would make more sense to have a swim spa, instead. Households with expansive outdoor living space can actually decide to get either one, or both. 

Purchase Cost

The cost of your preferred outdoor water feature will determine the kind of outdoor water feature that you can have. Everything will depend upon the budget that you will have for this purpose. When trying to decide out on your budget, keep these two things in mind: 

  1. The tag price of the pool
  2. The anticipated installation costs of the pool.

The price tag for swim spa for sale normally come a notch higher compared to the market price of above ground pools, which is between $6,000 to $10,000. The in-ground pools would typically fetch a price of $40,000 plus.  

As for the installation costs, it would be more expensive to put up an in-ground pool as opposed to swim spas and above ground pools. The underlying reason behind this exorbitant installation costs would be due to the fencing and landscaping costs which the local pool regulations would necessitate you to make. For this reason, we recommend that you allot at least 50% of the purchase amount for covering installation, permits, and landscaping costs.  

Verdict: If you happen to be on a smaller budget, that is from $10,000 to $15,000 or less, you are on the more practical side of it by getting an above ground pool. The mid-sized budget would be from $15, 000 to $40,000, and for this, you may go for a small in-ground pool or a swim spa.  

Swim Season

Aside from the key factors we’ve mentioned above, the span of time for the swim season is yet another major thing you need to look into. In some areas of the country, swimming season would last for about 4 – 5 months. 

While you have an option to make use of a heater in order to extend the swimming season to make it last for 5-6 months, the costs you will incur in heating up an average pool size would go high. 

Verdict: You may decide to extend your swimming season and do that by virtue of having a portable heater for your pool water. This will help extend your swimming season say from 3-4 months up to 6-12 months of the year. In this case, you might want to look for a swim spa for sale instead because this option is, so far, the most cost-effective choice you have. 

Pool Privacy Screen and Its Important Benefits

A pool privacy screen is a structure that encloses the pool and provides privacy. Many people today choose to invest in it due to it numerous benefits. But before having one, it is important to know some important things about it- why you should have it or how you should go about in terms of cleaning it.


Why are they Popular?

A pool privacy screen has actually been used for so many years, although some things have changed through time. Its structure, design, and overall look has greatly improved through the years.


What are the Benefits?

Offer Shade

By using a pool screen or enclosure, although you are still allowing light to come in, the shade it offers makes staying in the pool so much more bearable. It also becomes less threatening to be exposed to the sun’s UV rays and you don’t have to reapply sunscreen.


Keeps Pesky Pests Out

Cleaning the pool can be a tedious task and owners can agree to it. Wasps, beetles, spiders, bees, snakes, mice, lizards, mosquitoes, and so many others would often find their way to the pool. Seeing them in the water is definitely no fun at all as you would have to take them out and clean the pool. With a screen enclosure, you don’t have to worry about these things.


Keeps Debris Out

Aside from cleaning the pool, another worse thing that every homeowner hate is the constant falling of debris to the pool: flowers, leaves, pine needles, buds, dirt, grass clippings, etc. All these things litter the pool and should be cleaned out. In this case, one of the best ways to keep them out is by blocking them. With an enclosure, you can prevent these things from falling into the pool so you don’t have to clean it as much.


Makes Cleaning Easy

As mentioned, pool enclosures can keep debris and bugs out of the pool. Debris like sticks, leaves, and others make the swimming pool dirty because they carry dust and dirt on them. Your cleaning system will be more effective if you have an enclosure or a pool cage installed. This is also a big help to your pool filter.

The best thing about pool screen enclosures is the fact that come in different designs. In fact, you can even customize them is a way that fits your personality and needs. As the homeowner, you definitely knows what is best for your pool and the entire area. You can always get creative when it comes to this. However, you should also bear in mind that it would be best if you can improve the aesthetic appeal of your pool while you make things easier for yourself. And of course, make sure that you enjoy the process of choosing the best one for your pool.

Home and pool security is quite important these days, glass balustrades and pool screens ensures that your family is always safe and secure.


Anti Slip Tiles: Reasons to Use Them

Anti slip tiles are chosen by many people for their residential and commercial needs because of their non-slip property. In most cases, these types of tiles are utilized for outdoor uses along with pool tiles in order to ensure that anyone who have just gotten out of the pool or anything walking beside it will not fall into the water as a result of slipping.

On the other hand, glass tiles serve a different purpose. In case they are durable enough, they can be used as flooring. However, in most cases they come with a base or support tile under to hold the pressure when it is being stepped on. More often that not, glass tiles are used for decorative purposes.


Why Choose to Use this Type?

As it is not slipper, its high grip makes it idea to be used on skating rinks. Also, they are preferred in offices where there is high traffic of people passing on it. In addition, this type is seamless that when people step on it, there will be no sound nor echo. This makes it ideal to be used in play rooms, libraries, offices, etc.

As it can suppress noise, floors with this type of tile can make the ambiance of any area more inviting and quieter, making a great place for relaxation where people can also focus on their work.

There are so many more benefits that one can get from using this type of tiles. Although, it is non-slip, it does not necessarily mean that you cannot choose from various options in terms of color.


The Benefits of this Type


Safety is among the most important factors that anyone should consider when choosing a material. This can be achieved by using anti slip tiles. Its anti-slip property can help prevent any major accident from happening. This can be used in wet areas in the house, especially in the bathroom.



In contrast to the common notion of people, this type is actually very cost-effective compared to other solutions that are available in the market and will not hamper your budget.



This type of tile come in different impressive designs, shapes, themes, and sizes to make sure that there’s no need for you to compromise the theme and design of your area.


Low Maintenance

Another reason for choosing this tile, aside from its safety feature is the fact that it does not require so much maintenance and it is also very easy to clean using only regular cleaning products.



This tile is extremely scratch-resistance and highly durable. In most case, it’s the bathroom that has the heaviest traffic at home. Thus, durability is something that you need for sure in your flooring. You can get this by using this tile.

These are just a few of the many benefits that this tile can offer. Having it in your property will definitely so many great benefits.


Fun and Must-Have Pool Accessories

During the hot summer days, there is nothing better than to sit back and just relax by the side of the pool. Whether you just want to dip in a toe or you want more and dive straight to it, it’s really up to you. You just have to make sure that you enjoy. But in order to make this happen, you need to make the most out of your pool accessories. Make sure that you choose the fun and best ones that will make every swimming experience worthwhile.

There are different options to choose from when it comes to swimming pool accessories. You can see some of the most fun accessories or the most practical ones. Below are some of the must-have ones you will love.


Different Types of Accessories for your Pool

Sports Accessories

Swimming is a great exercise, but you can also make it fun by adding some sports pool accessories. There are different floating devices that can help enhance the playing experience. For example, you can have volleyball nets or basketball nets.



Sometimes, all you just need to do is lay back and soak yourself under the sun while skimming the top of the pool with your hand. You can make this happen if you have a pool raft. This accessory comes in various designs, such as single of double, and you can just go and drift off.



If you want a bit of cocktail by your pool side, then lounges are perfect for you. They are very comfortable and upright floating chairs. They are also equipped with some drink holders.


Baby Floats

If you have children and you worry about them being in the swimming pool, then baby floats can help you. These are often shaped like cute animals. They can just float around with your help and you can let them have fun while you spend time with them.



You can always let your kids have fun in the pool with toys that are for the water. You can also avoid worrying about your plush teddy bears getting ruined as you can buy your kids water guns and so many other toys that will let them enjoy the sun and water.

These are some of the best accessories you can add into your pool. But, there are also some practical options that you can have as well.


Practical Accessories

Not all accessories need to be fun at all times. In fact, we also need some that more of a necessity than being a want. Especially if your purpose is to keep your pool clean and safe, you should choose practical kinds of accessories. One example is a pool pump as this will keep the flow of the water in the pool constant this will also help in removing debris. This is a must as without this accessory, the pool may not be able to function well.


Of course, these are just a few. When you go to the market, you will see more of these accessories and you can choose whichever you like depending on your needs.


Pool Tiles Installation: Preventing Them from Popping Off

Having a swimming pool can bring so much happiness to people and a great addition to every home. No doubt, this can be one of the best recreational and entertainment venue for events and parties. But, sometimes we would hear some problem that the tiles are popping off. Although this is actually common, if you want to repair or do pool tiles installation, below are some of the reasons why they pop-off and what you can do to minimize it from happening, as well as the proper way of choosing the right tiles.


Reasons why Your Tiles are Popping Off

Movement that is caused by the changes in weather is among the most common reasons why your pool tiles might be popping off. Since it’s a given that the weather may tend to warm up or cool down, the pool and surrounding area expand and naturally contract. Although there is a lot that you can do with the installation and foundation of the pool in order to minimize movement, one main reason for the popping off of the tiles is the type of mosaic sheets that is being used.


Assembling of Pool Tiles

There have been a lot of innovative changes when it comes to the assembling of pool mosaics in the last for years. This has helped reduce a lot of problems. The availability of dot-mounted mosaics has superseded mesh backed mosaics which is often used.

The mesh backed mosaics are small tiles that are glued to a mesh sheet. This also for quick and easy pool tiles installation. The glue that it used can hold the tiles onto the mesh. However, through time, it will have the tendency to break down, thus freeing the tiles from their backing. Just like the majority of adhesion that takes place on the mesh and not really on the tile itself, they start to pop-off.

On the other hand, the greater surface exposure from dot mounted technology provides an increased adhesion to the back of the tile and gives greater flexibility for a good tiler to be able to manipulate the joints to bed them well into the adhesive.

In addition, dot mounted glass mosaics could be tricky. This is why it is more recommended that you have someone with you who is qualified and has acquired enough experience as these types are often half the thickness of normal tiles. Upon the application of the tile adhesive to the rendered wall of the pool, the tile should be firmly pressed to the glue and then apply the grout.

Being able to choose the right type of tiles, materials for installation, and the right people to do the job are some secret in making sure that your pool tiles will not be popping off anytime soon.


What You Need for Successful ICF Construction

In Australia, ICF construction has made a name for itself, and more and more people are interested in giving it a try for their residential and commercial projects. If you are one of these people, there are certain things that you should remember so that you can make the most out of ICFs. Some of the most important, especially for first-timers, are the following.


A Good Manufacturer

Your choice of ICF manufacturer is one of the most critical factors that will spell out success or disaster for your construction project with ICF. This is why it is recommended that you exhaust all potential preparatory checks that you can to make sure that the company you end up choosing is worth your investment. Your manufacturer should have a good track record of providing these products, across several years. They should also offer product trainings to help customers harness the best of their engineering.


Trusted Professional Help

ICF construction is a fairly straightforward process, and it has been said that any layman can take care of it. In Australia, there are also no outstanding specific building prescriptions that regulate the use of the material yet. But that should not have to mean that you can compromise the quality of the results that the material provides because of shoddy or improper workmanship. Stacking ICF blocks polystyrene wall cladding may seem like an easy task, but it still comes with technical considerations that should be carefully navigated so that the resulting structure lives up to the talk about the product. For this reason, it is better to commission professional help. And when choosing, ask as many questions as you need to so that you can verify the kind of help that you will hire.

A Commitment to Quality

Speaking of professional help, just because a company has had some experience with ICF construction does not mean that they should be automatically trusted. Choose ICF installers that have proven their commitment to delivering only quality results. Check what previous customers have said about the company, first of all, and make sure that you like what you read before you proceed. Additionally, check their project portfolio. This will not only give you a good idea of what they can do, it will also help you better see whether they can do what you hope they can do. And finally, ask if they routinely attend product trainings. If they provide these trainings, that’s even better.


Finding Security Screen Doors That Combine Beauty and Function

Investing in security screen doors? Such a decision will do a lot to grant protection and functionality to your home, so it is a decision that must be managed well. But did you know that you can also up your curb appeal through your door? Here are some tips in how you can manage that.


Know your home’s architectural style

When choosing among steel security doors that look great on your property, it is a good idea to start by knowing what your home’s architectural style is. This will set the right door designs and accessories that will match that, which will ease up the process. For instance, if you have a Victorian-style home, the right doors are those that match its narrow door frames, without compromising on the security that they provide. On the other hand, just because a certain style is associated with certain things does not mean that you have to stick to what has always been traditional. You can always experiment, but take your cues from the general themes of your house.


If your home has no architectural style to follow, look at prevailing colours and structures. If you have large bay windows, you may want to pair them with security screen doors that are big.


Research design trends

If you’re stumped for inspiration, the world is full of it. There are plenty of resources that you can consult so that you’re apprised of the latest trends in the industry, particularly where design is concerned. Check consumer websites that discuss the topic to get a good gauge of what’s hot. Also, you can check door models from different manufacturers that have fared best with customers.


Ask for personalised guidance

Also, you can ask your door resource for recommendations. Suppliers and manufacturers can walk you through the options in their catalogue until you find the right one that meets all of your needs and requirements. Just make sure that you properly communicate your goals and requirements so that they can properly help you.


Ensure proper installation

Finally, when it’s time to get the door installed, see to it that it is installed according to the right installation practices. Not only will shoddy workmanship bungle up the way the door looks and detract from its attractiveness, it will also compromise its functionality. Check the experience of your installers, their training, and the quality of service that their team can provide before agreeing to a contract.