How to Increase the Productivity of Diamond Drill Rigs for Sale Australia

Have you been trying to look for diamond drill rigs for sale Australia product line? This particular type of drilling mechanism is currently one of the most in-demand and sought after in this industry. The safest thing to say about diamond drilling is that it is all about productivity.

Drill rig companies and the people working behind this industry, most especially those who are in the oil mineral exploration and mining, are most interested in ways they can increase their productivity. 

There are occasions that when a major issue arises, it will soon leave out an adverse impact on drilling productivity. When this happens, fixing things at all costs is all that will be left to take. At other times, the level of productivity is improved by making relevant tweaks, little enhancements on a number of little and small things. Collectively, they will make the needed difference. We want to show you below how in several ways diamond drill rigs for sale Australian made can increase your productivity.  

1) Enhance your Rate of Penetration (ROP)

In diamond drilling works, one of the key parameters that define good and acceptable performance would be the rate of penetration. Improving your ROP is the best way you can get rewarded for the least amount of effort you do. A good ROP is your one-way ticket to ensuring that your operation is working on the economical side of things. 

To bring your ROP to the next level of efficiency, you must have the best drilling parameters for the kind of rock and rock condition you are likely to work on, together with a good configuration of core bit and crown for that particular type of ground. When you make use of the correct weight on bit, it brings about improved ROP, rotation speed (RPM), and water circulation.  

2) Purchase a top of the line equipment.

“You always get what you pay for”, this may be an old maxim now but it applies to diamond drilling. The practice of buying and acquiring substandard, cheap core bits or drill rods will run the risk of you having to replace your core bit more often than it should.

There are occasions also that drill rods would break prematurely. If you are inside a deep hole, wasting your time performing maintenance work of this kind will always bring about a serious effect on your level of productivity.  

3. Extend bit life.

As earlier stated, when your line of work is in the drilling industry, you will naturally want to get the most out of your bit as possible. What does this signify to us? 

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This translates to making sure that it’s not faulty or damaged before it is used, or it is indeed in good working condition before the commencing of the drilling work. Otherwise, it would cause the operations to be on a standstill to make way for replacing the bit.  

4. Use of higher crowns

The less frequency of the need to replace a core bit, the more time this will give you in getting core. Certain ground conditions are likely to eat through a bit rather more quickly. Hence, the use of a higher crown will lower the number of times that your operations will need to be put on a halt. 

Some crown configurations come in to say, 16mm, 20mm and even 26 mm. These types of higher crowns are ideally used in deep hole drilling.  

Performance, profitability, and productivity — all these 3 are linked together in the mine drilling universe. If you are seeking practical advice or need someone to guide you on how to work with a particular drilling challenge or how diamond drill rigs for sale Australian made, your best recourse for this is to reach out to a reputable dealer near you.