Swim Spa for Sale Versus Traditional Pool: Are They Any Different from Traditional Pools?

With the increasing popularity of swim spa for sale, homemakers who are planning to buy themselves their very own swim spa unit are faced with a dilemma, should they buy a swim spa or should they stick to installing traditional swimming pool instead? Upon realizing that both outdoor water features have their own individual perks, it now becomes a tough call for them to decide which among the two options they should choose. 

These outdoor water features come with their own respective benefits and drawbacks. If we want to know which among these two options is more viable than the other, we need to start from here and later on draw our conclusion. Below are some of the major key advantages and disadvantages of pools and swim spas that you need to look into. 

How Big Is Your Backyard?

The sheer size of your outdoor space or of your backyard is a major determining factor in the kind of outdoor water feature that you should buy. With everything now getting smaller and more compact, chances are high that there might be no more room for traditional swimming pools in some backyards. This may leave us without much of a choice but to have a swim spa instead, as it may be the only one that can fit. 

If you happen to have an expansive and spacious outdoor living space, you may want to consider what other outdoor activities you’d like to have in the future. This way you can plan ahead and make provisions for it after you have made up your mind on what to install first. 

Verdict: If what you have is just a small backyard, it would make more sense to have a swim spa, instead. Households with expansive outdoor living space can actually decide to get either one, or both. 

Purchase Cost

The cost of your preferred outdoor water feature will determine the kind of outdoor water feature that you can have. Everything will depend upon the budget that you will have for this purpose. When trying to decide out on your budget, keep these two things in mind: 

  1. The tag price of the pool
  2. The anticipated installation costs of the pool.

The price tag for swim spa for sale normally come a notch higher compared to the market price of above ground pools, which is between $6,000 to $10,000. The in-ground pools would typically fetch a price of $40,000 plus.  

As for the installation costs, it would be more expensive to put up an in-ground pool as opposed to swim spas and above ground pools. The underlying reason behind this exorbitant installation costs would be due to the fencing and landscaping costs which the local pool regulations would necessitate you to make. For this reason, we recommend that you allot at least 50% of the purchase amount for covering installation, permits, and landscaping costs.  

Verdict: If you happen to be on a smaller budget, that is from $10,000 to $15,000 or less, you are on the more practical side of it by getting an above ground pool. The mid-sized budget would be from $15, 000 to $40,000, and for this, you may go for a small in-ground pool or a swim spa.  

Swim Season

Aside from the key factors we’ve mentioned above, the span of time for the swim season is yet another major thing you need to look into. In some areas of the country, swimming season would last for about 4 – 5 months. 

While you have an option to make use of a heater in order to extend the swimming season to make it last for 5-6 months, the costs you will incur in heating up an average pool size would go high. 

Verdict: You may decide to extend your swimming season and do that by virtue of having a portable heater for your pool water. This will help extend your swimming season say from 3-4 months up to 6-12 months of the year. In this case, you might want to look for a swim spa for sale instead because this option is, so far, the most cost-effective choice you have.