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What is the Advantage of Using Water Jet Cutting Machines for Produce Items?

The prospect of using water jet cutting machines in cutting and slicing through produce could be favorable to the food farming industry because it will spur the coming of a better alternative for processing fresh-cut produce. 

The working technology behind waterjet cutting is not new. It has been around for quite a few decades now. The first application of waterjet technology can be tracked to have happened during the 1970s, however, it only gained good traction in the 1980s and. 

While waterjet technology is gaining acceptance and popularity in many different industries, alongside its growth is the advent of abrasive methods of stone, metals, and glass.  

Where waterjet cutting for produce nowadays is where waterjet cutting for stainless steel used to be some 30 years ago. People then have no idea what it is all about. Available information about it during that time is so limited and scarce. Those who have heard about it don’t have an in-depth idea of how it really worked or what is in it for anyone who will take advantage of it.

Right now, the produce industry is taking its precious time to learn the rudiments of cutting different kinds of perishable goods with water jet systems. And various industry insiders are saying that this groundbreaking technology offers this sector a very good potential in as far as advancing their business interest is concerned. 

Comprehensive research and study will help us increase the current amount of knowledge we have about water jet cutting. The research that was spearheaded by the University of California Davis and presented in Chicago’s United Fresh convention was among those kinds of research we are looking forward to. 

The scope of the study mentioned above would include how waterjet cutting machine systems would fare in terms of their performance when used alongside traditional material cutting methods such as stainless steel knives. The study revealed startling results though. There are a handful of observable cosmetic defects on the surface of the cut romaine leaves. Besides, there is also red discoloration and whitening dehydration on the leaves.  

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There are several mechanical factors that will determine the performance of a water jet system and this would include the conveyor speed, type of nozzle, and water pressure. A research team from UC Davis conducted a study on these factors in two independent studies. They compared the use of conventional cutting machines with new, used, and reconditioned blades against a waterjet cutting system.  

No substantial difference was among the cutting treatments, not until the lapsing of the 12-day air storage part. After the passing of 18 days, the sharp nozzle proved itself as the best cutting treatment. The leaves of the romaine displayed less reddish discoloration as opposed to the new blade cuts.  As for the brand new blades, they tend to produce fewer amounts of damage as opposed to the blades that have been used or reconditioned.  

As of this writing, the South and Central Americas are already taking good advantage of water jet cutting machines for tipping green beans. The farming sector is also keen on tapping into this groundbreaking technology in their cutting needs for asparagus, capping strawberries, chunking melons, or trimming green onions. 

Right now we can’t really say that water jet systems are all ready for use in slicing and cutting other types of produce. Like for instance, cut apples since they tend to have brownish discoloration, or citrus fruits because they have pulp.  

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What You Need to Look for in a CNC Plasma Cutter for Sale?

The perfect CNC plasma cutter for sale, how do we find this perfect cutting tool for our material cutting needs? You may have had your old one and it might have served as the primary workhorse in your fabrication shop for years.

If the time has finally come for you to give it up and start to look for a replacement, how do you begin your search then? With the sundry of different manufacturers, how do you which among these offerings give more value to your money? How would you know which ones are the best choice to take?

We compiled some of the important things to look for in a CNC plasma cutter for sale. Taking them into consideration will help ensure that you will find nothing but a high-quality plasma cutter.

1. Stability

Check out the cutting table and see to it that this part is rock-solid and fully-welded all over. Verify if it can handle heavy plates on a regular, daily basis. Also, check if it is not going to wiggle the moment you start cutting.

It is of paramount importance to find a plasma cutter with a stable cutting surface because this will allow all your machine’s components to work in unison as accurately as possible. Don’t settle for a cutting machine that is not designed for heavy-duty work.

2. Easy to Use

Would you qualify a CNC cutter as productive if you are having a hard time figuring out how to use it? Sophisticated machinery and its bundled software package should not come as something difficult to operate. Pay close attention when it comes to the nesting software, what comes included with it.

It is normal for most high-quality pieces of machinery to come bundled with good software. This way you will be able to take complete advantage of your cutting equipment’s full capabilities.

Even if CNC cutting machines are somewhat daunting to handle, the bundled software that comes with it will take away all the guesswork you will possibly have about it, particularly in set-up and cutting.

3. Durability

The top-of-the-line CNC plasma cutters out in the market today are designed and built to help in exacting tool quality standards. Manufacturers wired them strong, durable, and ready for heavy-duty work.

A fully welded cutter that is designed for precision is made and built so it will hold its advertised accuracy and speed, even after many, many years of heavy-duty service. As much as possible, look for a plasma cutter that will likely outlast its competition.

4. Speed

CNC plasma cutting machines require no preheating to operate. The cutting torch is ready to take action immediately, it can begin cutting your material whenever you are ready.

Another important thing to look into is the tight integration of its nesting software, it needed to be done as fast as possible.

With respect to the material you are trying to cut, take into consideration machines with cutting speeds that are up to 500 IPMs or inches per minute.

5. Level of Accuracy or Precision

By virtue of pairing high precision components and state-of-the-art software, you’d be able to deal away with quite expensive secondary operations. Since the torch head is computer manned and controlled, you are likely to come up with no less than clean and sharp cuts for your materials and parts.

If possible inquire about your retail store or supplier for plasma cutting machines that has its guide surfaces machined in a single sweep of a setup. This will result in a cutting machine that is heavy duty and also very precise.

By settling only for a cutting machine that is a complete embodiment of all of the above-mentioned points, you will have a machine that is at par with a laser cutter in terms of accuracy and quality at a fraction of the cost.

Bear in mind that we will always get what we pay for. If you are all for quality, then anticipate that you will need to shell out a little more. This way you can have a profitable and reliable machine that will eventually help you rake in profits, year after year.

You can never go wrong on your decision here when you have the right mindset.